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Luxurious Baikal
Season: June - August

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Route: Irkutsk – Mangutai – Circum-Baikal Railway – Mandarkhan – Ogoy Island – Cape Khoboy – Tazheran Steppes – Irkutsk

Plan: Rich and diverse adventure is waiting for you!
Cruise on a private yacht, jeeping across Olkhon Island and Tazheran Steppes, incredible SPA, private outdoor pool and dozens of memorable places of unmatched beauty radiating spiritual energy! This tour is the best way to have an unforgettable Baikal experience with the high level of comfort.

a 250-km boat ride to the most picturesque Baikal sites

warm outdoor pool under a night sky

explore the wildest and untouched corners of Baikal

try out some traditional dishes from the Irkutsk and Buryat chiefs and experience a true gastronomic delight

breathtaking landscapes

learn secrets of the Circum-Baikal Railway

incredible spiritual energy of the place of power on Olkhon Island

a thrilling jeep safari across the boundless Baikalia!

Welcome to Irkutsk! Your trip will start right at the airport. You'll meet a guide who knows literally everything about Baikalia's nature and beauty. He will be your companion throughout the trip.

A comfortable private ride to Mangutai village, South Coast of Lake Baikal. Irkutsk – Mangutai distance – 130 km, or ≈ 2-hour drive. On Day 1, you'll rest and gather your energy for the eventful trip waiting ahead.

On arrival, you will be accommodated in a cozy secluded hotel right on the lakeshore. 'Ice' Siberian Residence is a family hotel with a loving atmosphere and a splendid restaurant serving authentic cuisine. Get the chance to admire the scenic outdoors and feel Baikal's incredible energy for yourself!

First, you'll see the sunset on a lakeshore. Absolute relaxation waits for you later: lakeview banya, rejuvenating open-air tank and clear night sky will be a good conclusion of your day!

Meet-up in Irkutsk. Baikal South Coast.
Transport: minivan/minibus
Travel time and distance: 2 hours, 130 km
Accommodation: chalet deluxe in Ice Siberian Residence
Meals: dinner
Have a substantial breakfast and go on a motorboat ride. After the breakfast in the hotel, you'll on a motorboat ride across Baikal looking for one of its main cultural landmarks – Circum-Baikal Railway is a famous heritage asset whose stone tunnels pierce through the coastal cliffs.
The road from the hotel to the Circum-Baikal Railway on the opposite shore takes about 30 min. Then we'll follow the railway moving towards Listvyanka. In about 2 hours, we'll make it to one of the most exciting places of the Circum-Baikal Railway where we'll disembark and take a walk among the impressive architectural constructions like stone tunnels, arc bridges and ancient retaining walls.

Circum-Baikal Railway Guided tour Trip to the Peschanaya Bay
Transport: yacht
Travel time: ≈ 9-hour drive
Accommodation: yacht
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
We will delve down the historical context of the Circum-Baikal Railway during the Civil War and hold arms findings in our hands like rifles and grenades. In one of the stone tunnels, we will watch a thrilling short film about the disappearance of the half of the imperial gold reserve lost during the retreat of Kolchak's army who used the Circum-Baikal Railway as their escape route.
After a walk along the lake, we will invite you for dinner at a big table on the motorboat deck. You will try simple yet very savory Baikal cuisine.

Later you can attend a master class on assembly/disassembly of the old weapons. Marks on a rifle can tell not only the time and place of its production but also its full history that turned it into an artefact of the past.

In the evening, you'll return to the hotel, gather around a bonfire at the shore to discuss in a family circle your impressions of your first eventful day.
After the breakfast on a yacht, we'll disembark in Peschanaya Bay to go on a sightseeing tour.

Peschanaya is one of Baikal's most beautiful bays. White sand, crystal-clear water, pine taiga, enchanting mountain landscape – this is what makes Peschanaya Bay so unique. It makes an impressive picture of a little paradise right on Baikal coast. You'll have enough time to relax on a sandy beach and swim in an azure water. We'll see the local natural landmarks like 'walking' trees rooting in the sand, Big and Small Belfry Capes with breathtaking views. You will see for yourself what a beach vacation on a shore of a wild bay in the heart of Siberia taiga can offer you!

We'll also stop at Buguldeika village with fields of statuary marble. These deposits are around 2 billion years old, even older than Baikal. Statuary marble is used for statues. Its consistency and clear formula, big blocks and perfectly white color are good for creating real masterpieces.
Walk through Peschanaya Bay. Marble quarry. Trip to Maloe More.
Transport: yacht
Travel time: ≈ 6-hour drive
Accommodation: 'Baikal Prestige' villa
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
When the evening comes, we'll dock at Baikal Prestige villa - It offers a premium class vacation combining coziness and authenticity of a wooden house. Villa is located in the scenic Mandarkhan bay on the shore of Maloe More. It's a serene place surrounded with larch forest facing Baikal.

Traditional hotplate dinner will be waiting for you there. You'll end your day with a meditative evening bonfire.
Get a good sleep and start your day with a morning session of meditation. Relax on the outdoor sunbeds to the sound of 8-meter tall artificial waterfall near the 15-meter deep swimming pool. We'll serve you breakfast right at the pool. After the most savory dishes cooked for you by the chef themselves, you can take sun baths and go on with relaxation in the pool!

The villa has a gorgeous 3-level swimming pool. It's 50 cm – 3 m deep, and you can either swim or dive or even sit in it!

In a few hours after the dinner, the SPA program commences. Banya worker, masseur and connoisseur of the tea and banya ceremonies will be our staff for today. They will do their best to make you feel like royals!
Incredible relaxation day at Baikal
Accommodation: Villa Baikal Prestige
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper

Both kids and adults simply adore the villa's pool. It sets a special carefree mood of complete relaxation.

Baikal's spectacular landscapes and warm summer sun enhance the effect and bring the utter bliss.

No one will disturb your vacation, the whole villa is at you service!

SPA program at the Baikal Prestige villa
SPA is the highlight of the day. Banya worker, masseur and connoisseur of the tea and banya ceremonies deeply in love with what they do are the key to a good relaxation day you will never forget!
Evening SPA and a good sleep will prepare you for a day full of adventures. You're going to explore Olkhon Island from south to north in one day!

Early rise-up and breakfast because the motorboat leave early, too. First, we'll venture on a trip across Maloe More.
You can admire the views endlessly! In half an hour, we'll make it to Ogoy Island – a significant place. On its highest point, there stands a pure white Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment. We'll walk some ritual circles around the Stupa, get on the motorboat and move to the Olkhon Island. Here, we'll change our boat for a jeep and go for a ride across the island.
Olkhon Island in one day. Ogoy Island, Khoboy Cape, Buryat village
Transport: yacht/jeeps
Travel time: ≈ 10-hour drive
Accommodation: Villa Baikal Prestige
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
First, we'll stop at the ethnographic park Buryat Village. Its hospitable hosts are native Buryats. They will educate you on the local customs, show you around their estate keeping alive a unique atmosphere of the Olkhon life of the real wealthy Buryats. You can also try the dinner with the traditional Buryat dishes.
Next, we've planned for you a jeep safari across the island to Khoboy Cape. On our way, you can enjoy the spectacular views from the high coastal capes and visit the most interesting sites. Khoboy Cape is a sacred place. It faces a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding landscapes. Here, you can feel that you're a part of something big and important.

The road back crosses the whole island through its most scenic places to a Maloe More passage with a breathtaking view.

Late in the evening, we'll come back to the villa where you will be able to have a rest after such an eventful day.
Tazheran Steppes are a truly unique place. It's dozens of kilometers of the boundless vastness, breathtaking sceneries with rocky remnants reminding of the castle towers, pagan sanctuaries and salt lakes. A part of our path lies through the dozen-meter high cliffs over Lake Baikal. Our course includes some remarkable ancient settlements of the native Kurykans. We'll visit the remains of their settlements and see their cave paintings.
Jeep safari across Tazheran Steppes
Transport: jeeps
Travel time: ≈ 6-hour drive
Accommodation: deluxe suite in Amurskiy Hotel
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
On arrival to Irkutsk. we'll check you in one of the best hotels. Take some rest and then go on a tour around the city.

You'll have a chance to explore unique ethnic and cultural exhibits as well as go shopping for exclusive gifts and jewelry with precious and semiprecious Baikal gems.
Our Baikal cruise as come to an end. In 10 days, you'll get to know not only Baikal but yourself better, too. Baikal nature helps you to find your own roots!
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  • 4 guests — 3 710 USD
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