Wild Siberia - splendor and solitude
North of Baikal 5*
Season: June - August

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Route: Irkutsk – Severobaikalsk – Ludar Cape – Krasny Yar Cape – Kotelnikovsky Cape – Tiya River – Frolikha Lake – Khakusy – Ushkan Islands – Circum-Baikal Railway – Irkutsk

Plan: Luxury vacation on the shore of Lake Baikal for you only! Luxury vacation on the shore of Lake Baikal for you only! Splendor and comfort, pristine and wild Siberian taiga, fresh air, dainty traditional cuisine, mountain lakes and waterfalls are waiting for you in the only five-star Baikal hotel (Baikal Residence is a winner of the 2018 Luxury Country Lodge Award)!
Boat ride through the most scenic sites of the untouched Northern Baikal

helicopter ride over the lake – from north to south

healing hot springs

explore the wildest and untouched corners of Baikal

try out some traditional dishes from the Irkutsk and Buryat chiefs and experience a true gastronomic delight

see the stunningly beautiful mountain Frolikha Lake

cute Baikal seals and true Baikal spirit

North of Lake Baikal is a true place of power. People come here to see the real Baikal – pristine, wild and magnificent.

Where else can the wild nature harmonize with a fascinating tranquility? Unfathomable spirit guarding the simplest answers to the most important questions at the bottom of a crystal-clear lake.

Each corner promises a new discovery. Each step brings you closer to Mother Nature. Every breath helps you to know thyself.
Meet-up in Irkutsk.
Flight to the Northern Baikal.
Check-in to the Baikal Residence 5*
Transport: helicopter
Travel time: ≈ 2,5 hours
Accommodation: Baikal Residence
Meals: dinner, supper
Today we'll show you around the Residence and offer you some relaxing activities. You can take a real Siberian banya with oak besoms or drink some tea with taiga herbs, berries and spices. Distance yourself from the city bustle and clear your consciousness and perception to have the most out of your week on Lake Baikal!

After the banya, try playing some games to shut yourself off completely from the world outside. What about a game of pool? Maybe your childhood board games? Or maybe just relax a little? Just take a seat beside the fireplace or lie down on a wolfskin in front of it.

The whole Residence is at your service!
Today is your first day waking up to see Baikal out of your window! Then you'll have fantastic authentic breakfast cooked by your individual menu. GROTTA GIUST thermal rejuvenating SPA is waiting for you next. It's such a wholesome body and soul treatment you'll feel like you were reborn!

Eat your dinner and you're ready to start your outdoor activities!

Buggy safari to the Bald Mountain and Ludar Cape will be your first adventure. These are fantastically beautiful places with ancient history. Sumptuous supper served on a secluded shore of the lake will be a cherry on top.
SPA and buggy safari to Krasny Yar Cape
Transport: buggy
Travel time: ≈ 9 hours
Accommodation: Baikal Residence
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
We'll take a buggy to Krasny Yar Cape. On our way, we'll stop by an ovoo shrine near the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment where, as the old shaman belief goes, you can make a wish and pay your respects to the spirits by tying a pretty ribbon on a tree.

You'll feel the supernatural bond uniting the sky with the earth. As the shamans say, this is the place where an axis pierces through the earth connecting it with the sky and space.
Ludar Cape will be our next stop. You'll visit an ancient cave where the archaeologists have found the 5th – 11th-century ceramic pieces. At the top of Ludar Mountain you'll find the ruins of an ancient Mongol fortress. On a rock beneath the settlement, you'll see two petroglyphs, the ochre one dates back to the Bronze Age.
Here's where we'll wrap our expedition to Krasny Yar Cape.

We'll hold a picnic on a quite shore with a gorgeous view on Baikal and mountains and serve you the most savory dishes.

Then, we'll take comfortable cars or buggies back to the Residency passing by the Sludyanka Ponds. Here, you can enjoy the beach activities and sunbathe on a secluded sand beach.
Today, our yacht will take you to the natural hot springs with all the modern conveniences on Kotelnikovsky Cape.

This quiet place is located in the center of the untouched wilderness. You will enjoy not only its healing waters but also the breathtaking landscapes. Because you can take a swim in an outdoor pool with a panorama view on Baikal!

These hot springs can help you cure diseases of the musculoskeletal system, central nervous system as well as joint pains and gynecological disorders. They also trigger and consolidate host defenses, clear and heal the skin.

When you're finished swimming, we'll offer you delicious traditional dishes cooked by our chef and we'll head back to the Residence
Kotelnikovsky Cape.
Natural hot springs

Transport: yacht
Travel time: ≈ 6 hours
Accommodation: Baikal Residence
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
This evening, you can relax and just take a walk in the summer forest and admire the sunset with a glass of wine.
We'll drive you to the mouth of the Tiya River. Piranha airboat will sweep you up the stream of this mountain river.

It's a truly unforgettable experience! Picturesque Siberian nature, mountain river and lots of fish are waiting for you there.

Take as much time as you need to fish and meditate, then we'll go on a picnic. We'll cook some dishes with the freshly caught fish. After that, we'll head back to the hotel.
Royal-class fishing, Tiya River
Transport: jeeps, airboat
Travel time: ≈ 4 hours
Accommodation: Baikal Residence
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
Variety of activities will be waiting for you in the evening. You can choose either shoot the bow or crossbow, play some poker or pool.
Today you'll visit the magnificent Frolikha mountain lake. Just as the day before, you'll get there on an airboat. First, you'll take Fairline Phantom 40 yacht from the hotel to the mouth of the Frolikha River where you'll change it for Piranha airboat and rush upstream.
The motorboats will be waiting in the headwaters to take you across the lake to the camping site.

After some meditation and beach activities, you'll have an opportunity to take a walk to the mountain waterfall.
When you decide to come back to the campsite, we'll tempt you for a picnic cooked with care by our chef. After the dinner, we'll walk down the mountain to the shore, get on a yacht and take off to the hotel.
Frolikha Mountain Glacial Lake
Transport: yacht, airboat
Travel time: ≈ 9 hours
Accommodation: yacht
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
Khakusy is another famous mineral springs resort not far away from Baikal Residence. It's a great chance to experience something new, get into the cheerful mood and improve your health. The trip starts on the Baikal Residence pier. Travel time: 1 hour. On your arrival to the springs, the sanative program will commence.

The Khakusy springs are quite close to the shore of Lake Baikal, you can walk the distance in 10 min. A picturesque path leads through a pure pine forest. There stands the balneary built as early as 1953. It is considered that Khakusy mineral waters are similar to those of the Caucasus springs
Khakusy. Hot Springs
Transport: yacht
Travel time: ≈ 2 hours
Accommodation: Baikal Residence
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
Clean and clear pine forest, cedars and firs, rare plants included in the Red List (juniper, dwarf birch, relict flowers and herbs) calm you down and bring tranquility.

After the mineral baths, you can recover your wind and try the scrumptious traditional dishes by our chef.
After the breakfast in the hotel, we'll get on a helicopter to take our last Baikal trip across the whole lake!

The Ushkan Islands will be our first stop. Here, you'll meet Baikal's most famous animal – smart and extremely cute Baikal seals.

Guided tour to Ushkan Island will show you all the gorgeous Baikal landscapes. The islands are located in the central part of the lake and are considered the nature reserve with a specific mellow continental climate, unique flora and fauna. The islands are a large rookery of the Baikal seal Baikal seal who are a local endemic. Baikal seal is a very mysterious animal, extremely curious though careful.
Helicopter ride over Baikal
Transport: helicopter
Travel time: 3,5 hours
Accommodation: deluxe suite in Amurskiy Hotel
Meals: breakfast, dinner
You'll have an opportunity to walk through the island and watch Baikal seals from various angles and distances.

Her, you'll have a picnic, then a scientific worker of the Pribaikalsky National Park will walk us to the observing site to watch Baikal seals from the specialized shelters.
The helicopter ride over Baikal will show you its cliffs, capes, bays, its pure-white marble quarry, shrublands and horses grazing here and there, islands of Maloe More, the Circum-Baikal Railway, the widest headwaters of the Angara River and many more.

You'll land at the Irkutsk airport and go straight to the hotel to get some rest after such an eventful day.
You tour full of emotions and adventures has come to an end. You've seen Baikal the way only a few people had ever seen!

After the breakfast, we'll see you off to the airport. We'll be waiting for you to come again in winter. We're sure that Baikal in winter will give as many incredible emotions as in summer.
See you next time
  • 5 guests — 14 600 USD
  • 10 guests — 8 880 USD
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