Unbound Delight in the comfort of Siberia
Royal Baikal vacation
Season:: June - August

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Маршрут: Irkutsk – Circum-Baikal Railway – Shumak Springs – Peschanaya Bay – Mandarkhan – Olkhon Island – Tazheran Steppes – Irkutsk

Plan:: This tour can offer you every exciting Baikal activity worth experiencing! Enjoy helicopter flights, jeep joyrides
across the boundless Baikal steppes, boat rides
to the breathtaking bays and healing hot springs. The best hotels and SPA included, of course.
Anything to make you feel like kings and queens!

you'll motorboat across the South Baikal – from the Circum-Baikal Railway to Olkhon Island

see the gorgeous Baikal landscapes from a bird's eye view

bathe in the healing hot springs and test their rejuvenating powers

explore the wildest and untouched corners of Baikal

try out some traditional dishes from the Irkutsk and Buryat chiefs and experience a true gastronomic delight

see a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall on a mountain river

learn secrets of the Circum-Baikal Railway

incredible spiritual energy of the place of power on Olkhon Island

bask in the warm waters of a private outdoor pool

We'll meet you at the Irkutsk airport and head off together to the helicopter pad. A road to the secluded VIP recreational center is waiting for you. The center is situated right of Baikal shore and you can make it there by car. In 30 minutes, we'll land at Tzar Podvorye. They have a history of hosting some famous guests like ex-President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, ex-Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl, Gazprom and Russian Railways senior management. We are sure you'll like it here, too.

The 1st day of your trip is for relaxation and leisurely vacation program. You can have a walk along Baikal shore, play some pool or tennis, and swim in a warm outdoor pool. In the evening, you can take a Russian-style banya or Turkish hammam.
Meet-up in Irkutsk. Flight to Baikal
Transport:: helicopter
Travel time and distance: 30 min, 65 km
Accommodation: Royal Manor
Meals: dinner
Start your morning with a quick swim in a warm outdoor pool. The next is a luxurious breakfast with pinecone jam, the most delicate dishes cooked with farm milk and other delicacies. We'll serve the table in the open air right next to the pool.

When you're done basking in the gentle morning sun you can chose one of the following exciting activities: take a walk / bike ride / horse ride in the environs to appreciate the beauty of the local nature; go fishing at the pier; go water scootering across Baikal; shoot a riffle in the firing range.
Relaxation Day. Resonate with Baikal
Accommodation: Royal Manor
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
For dinner, you can try signature dishes made with local delicacies like Baikal cisco, game, taiga species and seasonings. You'll also have an opportunity to taste dozens of Baikal teas. We're sure you can find a flavor you'll never want to part with!
After the dinner, you'll go back to your outdoor activities. Then, in a few hours we'll offer you to try out our SPA. You can take a Russian banya, Turkish hammam, a hot tub or a small cold plunge pool.

Finish your day with a meditative supper and a glass of wine by a fireplace in a cozy room.
Today is the day the active part of our trip begins. The first day will be about Baikal and its incredible architectural monument of labor and feat – the Circum-Baikal Railway.

We'll take a motorboat to watch the Railway from both the water and the coast. We'll see impressive architectural constructions like stone tunnels, arc bridges and ancient retaining walls.
Motorboat Guided Tour along the Circum-Baikal Railway
Transport: yacht
Travel time: ≈ 9-hour drive
Accommodation: Royal Manor
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
We'll have an opportunity to delve down the historical context of the Circum-Baikal Railway during the Civil War and hold arms findings in our hands like rifles and grenades. In one of the stone tunnels, we will watch a thrilling short film about the disappearance of the half of the imperial gold reserve lost during the retreat of Kolchak's army who used the Circum-Baikal Railway as their escape route.
After a walk down the shore, we'll invite you to a buffet. Later you can attend a master class on assembly/disassembly of old weapons. Marks of a rifle can tell not only the time and place of its production but also its full history that turned it into an artefact of the past.

In the evening, we'll go back to the hotel where you can seat in a gazebo at the lakeshore and watch the sunset.
Today is even a more eventful day. We'll go on a helicopter ride to the most interesting places on the South of Baikal. We'll take a trip to a unique world-renowned Valley of 100 Springs famous for its thermal springs with a mighty mountain waterfall on Marble Spring.

During the flight, you'll have time to enjoy the beauty of Tunkin Valley famous for its shrublands and unbelievably beautiful mountain landscapes of the River Irkut, Kita and Shumak valleys.
Valley of 100 Springs, helicopter guided tour
Transport: helicopter
Travel time: ≈ 4 hours
Accommodation: Royal Manor
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
A 4-hour stand in the Shumak Valley will give enough time to unhurriedly get around all the local landmarks and legends; test the hot springs and their rejuvenating effect; drinks some and take a few bottles with you. Each of the 100 springs has its own specialty – some are good for the heart, others are good for the eyes, kidneys or liver. You can take radon or mud baths and see for yourself what a real Siberian sanatorium lost in taiga can give you!
Near the mineral springs, we'll pass a river canyon to the 30-meter waterfall on Marble Spring (trip distance is about 4 km).

A hot dinner will be waiting for you back at the camp. After that, we'll head back to the hotel.
After the breakfast, we'll say our goodbyes to Tzar Podvorye. The cruise to the most beautiful Baikal spots is waiting ahead. We'll visit all of its wild unbelievably picturesque bays. First, we'll pass the headwaters of the Angara River which is the only river that drains out of Lake Baikal. We'll watch its amazing landscapes and swim up to the famous Shaman Stone.

Our next stop is Baikal wilderness! On our way to the final destination, we'll camp in a few glorious corners for a while. Peschanaya Bay, treasure of Baikalia, truly deserves its title of Baikal Riviera. Here, we'll come ashore for a walk and swim!

White sand, crystal-clear water, pine taiga, enchanting mountain landscape – this is what makes Peschanaya Bay so unique. It makes an impressive picture of a little paradise right on Baikal coast. You'll have enough time to relax on a sandy beach and swim in an azure water. You will see for yourself what a beach vacation on a shore of a wild bay in the heart of Siberia taiga can offer you!
Cruise across Baikal. Peschanaya Bay.
Trip to Maloe More.
Transport: yacht
Travel time: ≈ 9-hour drive
Accommodation: villa «Baikal Prestige»
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
When the evening comes, we'll dock at Baikal Prestige villa - it offers a premium class vacation combining coziness and authenticity of a wooden house. Villa is located in the scenic Mandarkhan bay on the shore of Maloe More. It's a serene place surrounded with larch forest facing Baikal.

Here, you'll have an opportunity to get an unforgettable SPA experience. First, you'll bathe in a warm open-air pool, then you'll take a real Russian banya. You'll end your day with a meditative evening bonfire.
Not everyone has an opportunity for such a trip but today is your lucky day. You'll motorboat your way around Olkhon Island. It will be a truly unforgettable experience.

Get a good sleep and start your day with a morning session of meditation. Relax on the outdoor sunbeds to the sound of 8-meter tall artificial waterfall. Eat your breakfast to have enough energy for today's journey. Get on a motorboat for a trip to Maloe More. .
We'll stop at Shamanka Cape which is the most famous place of Olkhon Island. Next, we'll set our course for Khoboy Cape, the northernmost point of the island.
Around the Olkhon Island
Transport: yacht
Travel time: ≈ 6-hour drive
Accommodation: yacht
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
After the tourist spots on the West Coast we'll move on to the East Coast of Olkhon Island. In the first half of our trip, we'll meet tourist groups quite frequently, however, in the second half, we'll meet the wild and pristine Olkhon. It's a completely different dimension desolated from the civilization. The time feels different here. It seems as if everything has stopped and frozen. Become one with the eternity. It's only you and pristine Siberian nature.
We do not disclose our points of destination for now. Let it be a surprise.

In the evening, we'll return to the villa where a warm pool and relaxing banya will be waiting for you after such an eventful day!
Get your breakfast and be ready to check out of the villa to spend your final day
at Baikal. We've prepared for you a jeep safari
across Tazheran Steppes!

Tazheran Steppes are a truly unique place. It's dozens of kilometers of the boundless vastness, breathtaking sceneries with rocky remnants reminding of the castle towers, pagan sanctuaries and salt lakes. A part of our path lies through the dozen-meter high cliffs over Lake Baikal. Our course includes some remarkable ancient settlements of the native Kurykans. We'll visit the remains of their settlements and see their cave paintings. After the guided tour, we'll set our course for Irkutsk. The road will take about 6 hours. We'll check you in in the best hotel in the city to have some rest.
Jeep safari across Tazheran Steppes
Transport: jeeps
Travel time: ≈ 6-hour drive
Accommodation: Amurskiy Hotel, Irkutsk
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
Our Baikal cruise as come to an end. These 8 days will recharge you physically and mentally. You'll get to know not only Baikal but yourself better, too. Baikal nature helps you to find your own roots!
  • 8 guests — 3 680 USD
  • 5 guests — 4 560 USD.
  • 2 guests— 9 800 USD
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