helicopter family tour you will never forget!
Family trip around Baikal
Season: June - August

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Route: Irkutsk - Mangutai - Circum-Baikal Railway - Mandarkhan - Ogoy Island - Cape Khoboy - Ushkan Islands - Cape Kotelnikovsky - Peschanaya Bay - Listvyanka - Irkutsk

Plan: A helicopter family tour you will never forget! Get ready to go on amazing adventures and make discoveries because you are going to see Lake Baikal at its mightiest! The places of power, wild mountain lakes, open-air hot springs, cute Baikal seals and traditional Buryat cuisine.

you will fly on a helicopter over the most spectacular Baikal sites – from south to north!

you will never forget this cruise across Baikal on a luxurious yacht

experience a true gastronomic delight and try some traditional Buryat dishes cooked exclusively for you right here and now

bathe in natural hot springs

see the stunningly beautiful mountain Frolikha Lake

explore the wildest and untouched corners of Baikal

learn secrets of the Circum-Baikal Railway

get enchanted by the beauty of Olkhon Island

meet Baikal seals in their natural habitat and feel the true spirit of Lake Baikal
Welcome to Irkutsk! Your trip will start right at the airport. You'll meet a guide who knows literally everything about Baikalia's nature and beauty. He will be your companion throughout the trip.
A comfortable private ride to Mangutai village, South Coast of Lake Baikal. Irkutsk – Mangutai distance – 130 km, or ≈ 2-hour drive. On Day 1, you'll rest and gather your energy for the eventful trip waiting ahead.
On arrival, you will be accommodated in a cozy secluded hotel right on the lakeshore. 'Ice' Siberian Residence is a family hotel with a loving atmosphere and a splendid restaurant serving authentic cuisine. Get the chance to admire the scenic outdoors and feel Baikal's incredible energy for yourself!
First, you'll see the sunset on a lakeshore. Absolute relaxation waits for you later: lakeview banya, rejuvenating open-air tank and clear night sky will be a good conclusion of your day!
Meet-up in Irkutsk. Baikal South Coast.
Transport: minivan/minibus
Travel time and distance: 2 hours, 130 km
Accommodation: chalet deluxe in Ice Siberian Residence
Meals: à la carte in a restaurant
Have a substantial breakfast and go on a motorboat ride. You'll venture across the lake looking for one of its main cultural landmarks. Circum-Baikal Railway is a famous heritage asset whose stone tunnels pierce through the coastal cliffs.
The road from the hotel to the Circum-Baikal Railway on the opposite shore takes about 30 min. Then we'll follow the railway moving towards Listvyanka. In about 2 hours, we'll make it to one of the most exciting places of the Circum-Baikal Railway where we'll disembark and take a walk among the impressive architectural constructions like stone tunnels, arc bridges and ancient retaining walls.
Circum-Baikal Railway Guided tour
Transport: motorboat
Travel time: ≈ 6-hour drive
Accommodation: chalet deluxe in Ice Siberian Residence
Meals: breakfast
We will delve down the historical context of the Circum-Baikal Railway during the Civil War and hold arms findings in our hands like rifles and grenades. In one of the stone tunnels, we will watch a thrilling short film about the disappearance of the half of the imperial gold reserve lost during the retreat of Kolchak's army who used the Circum-Baikal Railway as their escape route.
After a walk along the lake, we will invite you for dinner at a big table on the motorboat deck. You will try simple yet very savory Baikal cuisine.
Later you can attend a master class on assembly/disassembly of the old weapons. Marks on a rifle can tell not only the time and place of its production but also its full history that turned it into an artefact of the past.
In the evening, you'll return to the hotel, gather around a bonfire at the shore to discuss in a family circle your impressions of your first eventful day.

After the breakfast, we'll fly over to Maloe More. This will take about 2 hours.

On arrival, you'll be accommodated on a Baikal Prestige villa. It offers a premium class vacation combining coziness and authenticity of a wooden house. Villa is located in the scenic Mandarkhan bay on the shore of Maloe More. It's a serene place surrounded with larch forest facing Baikal. Traditional hotplate dinner will be waiting for you there. After the dinner, we'll go on exciting helicopter guided tour.

We'll visit a very curious place – Ogoy Island. You'll see a pure-white Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment whose foundation is made of modern digital mediums like books, CDs and etc. – sort of a message to our descendants.
Flight to the Maloe More. Ogoy Island Guided tour
Transport: helicopter
Travel time: ≈ 4-hour drive
Accommodation: «Baikal Prestige» villa
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
Next, we'll fly across the whole Olkhon Island and its north Cape Khoboy that is especially dazzling from a bird's eye view. We'll take a look at the scenic bays of Maloe More strait and panoramas of the glorious Primorsky Ridge.
You'll get back to villa in the evening for an unforgettable SPA session. First, you'll bathe in a warm open-air pool with an incredible panorama view, then you'll take a real Russian banya. You'll end your day with a meditative evening bonfire.
Get a good sleep and start your day with a morning session of meditation. Relax on the outdoor sunbeds to the sound of 8-meter tall artificial waterfall. Eat your breakfast and get ready for a new eventful day. We'll take a helicopter to the north of Lake Baikal. On our way, we'll make a stop at unique Ushkan Islands.

Ushkan Islands are a reserved area, Baikal seals' favorite place to have a rest. There is an observation platform in a few meters from their rookery. It's a great opportunity to have a closer look at this Baikal endemic. A scientific worker of the Pribaikalsky National Park will walk us to the observing site to watch Baikal seals from the specialized shelters. We'll also visit observation platform and Baikal seal info center.
Flight from Maloe More to the north of Baikal. Ushkan Islands Guided tour
Transport:: helicopter
Travel time: ≈ 6-hour drive.
Accommodation: deluxe suite in Cape Kotelnikovsky recreational center
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
Next, we'll visit another wonderful place. We'll fly over the wild taiga coast on the north of Baikal and land at Frolikha mountain lake. It's a 80-meter deep lake with enchanting landscapes and ambience of harmony and complete unity with the magnificent nature. You'll have time to appreciate its splendor and then we'll go to the Cape Kotelnikovsky recreational center.
This day is for the best Baikal hot spring resort on Cape Kotelnikovsky.
Enjoy the hot spring pools as long as you want. Banya near the pool, SPA and massage are available. You'll also have a chance to go for a walk along the rocky ravine of the Kurkila River and watch its wild waters and small waterfalls.
Vacation on the north of Lake Baikal
Accommodation: deluxe suite in Cape Kotelnikovsky recreational center
Meals: breakfast, dinner, supper
We wrap up our vacation on the north – get ready for the trip to the South Coast of Baikal.
After the breakfast in the hotel we'll get onto a helicopter and fly to Peschanaya Bay. This place rightfully deserves the title of one of the most beautiful Baikal spots. Although in summer it's full of tourists, we'll visit the most gorgeous places the tourists rarely go to. On our way to the bay, we'll fly over the picturesque Tazheran Steppes and valley of the Anga River.

White sand, warm turquois water, pine taiga, mountain landscape – this is what makes Peschanaya Bay so unique. It makes an impressive picture of a little paradise right on Baikal coast.
In the evening, we'll fly to Listvyanka village. We'll transfer you from the drop-off point to the hotel 'Anastasia'. It's one of our best hotels with secluded territory, Swiss chalet style buildings and view on Baikal and Angara's head. Here you can take a banya and relax properly.
Flight to Listvyanka
Transport: helicopter
Travel time: ≈ 4-hour drive
Accommodation: deluxe suite in Anastasia Hotel
Meals: breakfast, picnic
Today is the final day at Lake Baikal. After a good sleep and substantial breakfast, we'll get in a comfortable minivan. Talzy ethnographic park is waiting for you.
Talzy has a unique collection of architectural artefacts that's been gathered across Eastern Siberia including ancient samples of Russian, Buryat, Evenk and Tofalar architecture. The park has a unique atmosphere of a Siberian little town. It's a great place to vent out, relax and breathe some fresh air. We'll organize lunch for you with taiga herb tea, sbiten and blinis with honey.
After the guided tour, we'll set our course for Irkutsk. The road will take about 40 min. We'll check you in in the best hotel in the city to have some rest.
Guided tour to Talzy ethnographic park. Irkutsk
Travel time: ≈ 1 hour
Accommodation: deluxe suite in Amurskiy Hotel
Meals: breakfast, picnic
The final day of our Baikal trip has come. Baikal will make sure you'll get unforgettable emotions that will stay with you forever - with just a little help on our side. After the breakfast at the hotel, we'll transfer you to the airport. We say good bye just for a moment – we'll meet again on coasts of Baikal! Those who come here in summer always comes back in winter – that's for sure!
See you next time
  • 4 guests — 6 178 USD
  • 2 guests — 11 650 USD
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